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Darkley Primary School, Armagh

House System

Every week at assembly we celebrate pupils in each class that have made an outstanding contribution over the last week. Our teachers select pupils who have worked hard, made good progress, displayed excellent behaviour, manners, helped others, showed kindness or respect etc. Each selected child is awarded a 'Pupil of the Week' certificate as well as receiving a delicious, highly sought after bag of gold coins. Pupils have their photos displayed on our website and displays in our main hall.

A Master McCall Mark will also be awarded to a child who has excelled in a specific area (Sport, literacy, numeracy, music etc). Marks will contribute towards our whole school house system and the house with the most points at the end of each term will be rewarded. We have 4 houses in our school: Tenters, Weavers, Spinners and Beamers. These 4 names were once important jobs that were held in the old Darkley Mill. This is a very important way that we keep that history alive in our school today. We have 4 House Captains who lead by example and set excellent standards for their house. On our homepage you will see the totals for each house. The 4 houses are colour coded red, blue, yellow and green. All our pupils relish being awarded a Master Mc Call mark and take great pride in banking these tokens throughout the week, outside Mr Monaghan's office.