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Darkley Primary School, Armagh

School Policies

Implementation of Child Protection Procedures 

If a child makes a disclosure, or a member of staff has concerns about a child, that person must act promptly. These must be reported to the Designated Teacher. If there are concerns that a child may be at risk, the school is obliged to make a referral. 

Mrs McKernan may seek clarification or advice from SELB Child Protection Officer before a referral is made. No decision with regards to a referral is made without careful consideration and appropriate advice. 

If you are concerned about your own or another child’s welfare you can at all times: 

  • Speak with the class teacher 
  • If you are still concerned, you may speak with Mrs McKernan or Miss Conlon. 

Please be advised that: 

The right of confidentiality for parents, carers, teachers and children will be respected at all times. Information will only be shared in the interests of the child’s welfare. 

A detailed copy of all school policies are available from the school office. 

The Designated Teacher for Child Protection is Deputy Designated teacher for Child Protection is
Mrs McKernan Mrs Conlon


Responsible Internet Use

In Darkley P.S, we ensure the judicious use of ICT to support, enable and develop children’s experiences. We recognise that whilst ICT provides invaluable opportunities to develop skills for life we are fully aware that not all information generated from the internet is suitable. 

With this in mind an ‘Internet Safety Policy’ specifies our guidelines with regards to Internet usage. 

If you would like to obtain a copy or discuss any aspect of your child’s usage, you may do so by contacting the school. 

Going Home Safely

Going Home Safely

Children should follow the same home time routine each day. If there are any changes in this routine, please inform the teacher via a written note that morning, (if applicable inform the bus driver as well). Children who walk home should also be reminded of the importance of using the footpath and ensure they go directly home after school. 

The same high standards of behavior in school are expected on the bus / taxi to and from school. We take pride in the fact that we have continuously been complimented on how respectful and responsible the children from Darkley P.S are. If there is any unusual delay in your child arriving home, do not hesitate in contacting the school immediately. 

A DOE Road Safety Officer works closely with the younger children to ensure a through and detailed Road and Pedestrian Safety Programme is carried out in class.